Value of Design Forum I Food Business: Unwrapped!

Organised by Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS)

DATE 12 March 2014

TIME 9:30 – 10:45

VENUE Joyden Hall


Design is a catalyst for innovation. It can help transform businesses and identify potential new markets. Owners of enterprises, looking for greater productivity and higher performance, have come to realise the value of design as a strategic differentiator for their businesses, and are using design to improve their processes, products and services.

Our distinguished thought leaders will share at the forums – dedicated to the food and retail businesses – the challenges of the global economy and Singaporean companies’ place in it; the solutions for enterprises to succeed in the 21st century; and the imperatives of design.

What are the driving forces for food cultures and food trendsetters? How do food businesses stand out from the competition in a saturated market? How to compel the demanding customer beyond his taste-bud?

Mr Andrew Knowles, chairman of Jones Knowles Ritchie, a global packaging and branding agency, will explain the role of design in capturing the attention of the shopper, achieving competitive advantage, and improving your bottom line.

Two Singaporean food businesses and their respective design consultants will also present their success stories in having used design to transform their business.


Interior Design


Name: Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS)




Keynote Speaker

Andrew Knowles, Chairman, Jones Knowles Ritchie (UK)

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