Project Management

3.1 Project Objectives

Clear project objectives ensure that all resources deployed are aligned and success can be measured. Such objectives and success factors established between client and design organization should be defined in the design brief, as detailed or open-ended as is suitable in the specific context, to enable project teams to manage expectations and plan for project success.

Evidence can be documents pertaining to project briefs, project proposals, design service agreements or client correspondence.

3.2. Resource Planning 

Resources for design projects (manpower with specific expertise, management, tools and methods, financial, material, external services) should be planned and equipped with suitable tools in order to ensure their availability and to mitigate risks affecting the project success. Project teams on both sides should be defined at the onset and changes in the course of the project should be tracked.

Evidence can be project documentation pertaining to resource planning, such as tables, spreadsheets, project proposals etc.

3.3. Project Schedule

Project Schedules maintained, updated and communicated throughout the project are an important element to ensure timely execution of individual tasks and provide visibility during the project progress. They allow suitable corrective action to be taken if delays or additional iterations occur, or project parameters modified.

Evidenced by documented change management including project schedules with revisions and client correspondence in regards to scheduling.

3.4. Project Tracking

Suitable control activities like design reviews, review minutes, acceptance tests, design verifications and reports, or roles like project-reviewer, enable a project team to take corrective action early when required, in order to ensure the ultimate project success. Measures to mitigate risk during the project progress should be in place.

Evidence is records of control activities; reports or project planning documents as well as workflow or process descriptions.