EXCO Retreat 2013

18 May, 2013 – With the conclusion of the successful elections at this year’s Annual General Meeting, the new DBCS Executive Committee (EXCO) members met at the ONG&ONG office for a retreat to further refine their plans and goals for the Chamber.

Lee Siang began the meeting by introducing Ms Candy Tan as the new Senior Manager of the secretariat team before presenting the agenda for the day.

Having profiled and grouped their objectives under three key thrusts, the members then openly discussed how to approach the industry, the public, enterprises and increase membership in the Chamber. The team then divided themselves into four sub-committees to address these objectives and agreed with Lee Siang’s suggestion to issue a Manifesto to the press to increase their visibility in the industry as well as conduct dialogue sessions with the members of the Chamber to garner their feedback and interest in the programmes.

After further discussion with the Committee, Nav Qirti and Alexander Lau were appointed as Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer respectively.

To view more photos from the retreat, click here.

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