• All entries submitted as part of the participant’s portfolio must already be completed or realised by the submission deadline of 31 January 2017, with exception to students and schools for concept-based entries.
  • Past project submissions to the Singapore Design Awards (SDA) can be considered as part of the entrant’s portfolio.
  • All works must be paid commission by a client. No non-commissioned works submitted in a free pitch, nor projects for personal communication will be considered. This condition does not apply to students.
  • Sponsored work for non-profit organisations may be submitted and must be mentioned in the submission.
  • Joint-project submissions from more than one design firm or practice are eligible for entry.
  • Entries for the SCHOOL WORKS category must be submitted by the design school or Student Members of DBCS. Conceptual works and projects must be developed by students who are still undergoing professional design studies.
  • Any work submitted which has not conformed to the proper instructions as mentioned in this Terms & Conditions is deemed ineligible.
  • Any work submitted without the company of proper and prompt payment is to be deemed as ineligible.
  • The executive committee in consultation with the international judges reserves the right to reject entries on the grounds of ineligibility if they affect the standards of the awards, potentially mar the reputation of the organisation and its jury, cause any concern on the issue of interests, etc.

Intellectual Property, Rights & Terms of Use

  • All rights related to the name and trademark of Singapore Design Awards is managed and owned exclusively by Design Business Chamber Singapore.
  • Any candidate seeking to use the related name and trademark must gain written consent from the DBCS Executive Committee.
  • Awardees will be allowed to use the relevant Singapore Design Awards logos.
  • Design companies or designers submitting works for any category must be responsible for their own intellectual property (IP) and patent issues. The organisers take no responsibility for any infringement of IP rights.
  • All design firms and institutions which submit an entry to the Singapore Design Awards agree to allow the organisers to use any of their submissions and the right to reproduce any work for publicity purposes.
  • If any press, publications or media networks agree to publicise the awardees, the entrants further agree to absorb talent or other residual charges incurred by inclusion if required.


  • The judges reserve the right not to confer awards in any category if the entries were found to be below par in terms of reaching the top bandwidth of a category’s score board.
  • The judges’ decisions are made with their own discretion and are considered final.
  • All submissions will be evaluated by the same panel of judges from each discipline.
  • Should the judge be involved in any of the entries submitted, he/she will not be allowed to evaluate the project.