Participation Benefits

The Singapore Design Class Standard defines criteria and for design organizations to enable them to consistently provide high quality design services to their clients. Organizations which will meet the Standard have the expertise, best practices, methods, business processes and the financial stability to ascertain that the services provided are of high standing for a global market and address effectively the needs of its clients. Such needs typically cover not only the creative quality of the work provided, but many other critical issues such as collaborative aspects, communication and project management and implementation.

The Standard is property of Designer Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS). DBCS Executive Committee appoints a Standards Committee consisting of stakeholders which have the authority to draft, validate and amend the Standard. Amendments to the Standard should be executed in a way which respect the needs of design organizations which have adopted the Standard already, e.g. consulting the industry in advance and giving sufficient prior notice of changes.

The design organizations who have adopted the Standard can apply for certification. Upon successful audits they will be awarded the Singapore Design Class quality label.